End of the road for GMs Pontiac, Saab, Hummer & Saturn?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that GM is considering shedding up to four brands as it prepares a plan for the US Congress on how it will apply money from a potential government bail-out to stave off bankruptcy.

General Motors keep on sinking

Chances for a bail out for the embattled General Motors are fading, according to the New York Times. It seems the bail bill faces ‘unsurmountable’ opposition on the Hill. The White House is also opposed to the bill – warning against throwing taxpayer money at companies that may not be salvageable (for one George Bush …

Listen here: Let’s debate Vivienne Westwood

If you wanted to launch a serious debate on culture, and your name is Vivian Westwood, you would do it using a men’s fashion magazine. Use what you’ve got. Mark admires that.

Musica relaunches brand

Fourteen years ago, The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town created the ‘Listen with your soul’ positioning for Musica. In the meantime Musica expanded beyond their traditional core music offering to become an entertainment destination for consumers, which includes DVDs, gaming, cellular, lifestyle accessories and online entertainment.

Domestos takes a new angle in fighting germs

“Consumers saw Domestos as a strong, multi-surface, multi-purpose germ killer, yet the TV commercials always made the toilet the main battleground when it came to fighting germs,” says Rui Alves, executive creative director of Domestos agency Lowe Bull. “Research showed however, that consumers used Domestos everywhere, not just in the toilet, which formed the basis of the new creative concept.”

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