Q5: Breakthrough creativity FTW, with Nathan Reddy [interview]

by Carey Finn. The local creative legend and founder of Grid Worldwide opens up about judging this year’s D&AD Awards, plus how adland may respond to the pandemic.

#AgencyFocus: HKLM on building a pan-African agency

by Sabrina Forbes. Understanding the intricate cultural elements of each market has been a fundamental reason that HKLM has experienced the success it has in both East and West Africa.

No-frills alternatives are helping our favourite brands survive

By Andrew Hughes Only a few years ago jokes about home brand products were quite common. Having a blue and white or red and white dinner meant enjoying generic brand fare that night around the table. But the recent intensification of the supermarket wars has seen the introduction of more sophisticated and aggressive branding strategies by Coles and Woolworths.

Africa Style: The art of ukushela — ‘courtship’

by Masingita Mazibuko. A fantastically intelligent friend of mine is ever at the mercy of eager men yearning for her attention. Some are suave, having mastered the art of ukushela, or courtship. Others, well, the art of courtship seems to elude them. In my opinion, courtship is no different to what we do when we seek to recruit consumers and build their relationships with our brands.

Brands require domain strategy for new gTLD names

Mike Silber, a Director at ICANN, says brands who have not participated in the current round of applications have been pressing to get clarity on further opportunities to apply for new gTLDs.

New generic top level domains hold dangers for brands, democratisation of Internet

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body responsible for the Internet’s naming system, is working its way through nearly two thousand applications for New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) names.

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