Africa Style: Commitment to the cause

by Masingita Mazibuko. In Sliding Doors, a woman’s love life and career both hinge, unknown to her, upon whether or not she catches a train. The audience sees her life play out both ways, in parallel. So, choices — they impact us upon personally. They also impact upon us as marketers.

Africa Style: No-one needs your brand

by Masingita Mazibuko. Wake up and smell the coffee, marketers; no-one really, truly, honestly, genuinely, absolutely needs your brand. That’s why the brand’s relationship with the intended consumer, as well as its product intrinsics, is such a crucial element of the marketing mix.

Africa Style: Fifty Shades of Marketing

by Masingita Mazibuko. For many book readers who are also movie goers, and many movie goers who are not book readers, watching such sexually explicit scenes as described in the book Fifty Shades of Grey could prove an uncomfortable experience in a movie theatre. Is this perhaps why the promoters appear to adopting Fifty Shades of Marketing?

Africa Style: Hats off to home-brewed ads and marketing

by Masingita Mazibuko. There is something about the familiar that feeds our soul, makes us feel connected, safe and emotionally committed. At the risk of sounding ‘Afropolitan’, I do believe there is something about home-brewed that really moves the needle when it comes to advertising.

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