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Advertising opportunities:

  • Company News Service/Ramify.biz
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsorships
  • MarkLives’ advertising & editorial policy

Target audience: South African advertising, marketing and design professionals including Marketing Directors and managers and company CEOs

Ramify.biz – Premium Profile/Company News Service

What is Ramify?

Ramify.biz connects marketers to agencies, and agencies to service providers and suppliers. Create shortlists, compare agencies or suppliers, and find people you want to work with! Our search functionality is free of charge, encouraging marketers and agency decision-makers to make use of our information service. Agency and supplier profiles are free as well, encouraging the inclusion of the broadest possible range of agencies in our database. (See our site FAQ).


How does it work?

Agencies and suppliers submit information into our database. Marketers and agency clients specify their partner requirements in our search function and relevant results are returned. Clients can then shortlist agencies/suppliers and pull comparative data for review.

What is a Premium profile?

We offer a paid-for, upgraded profile service, with numerous value-added functionality. This includes:

  • Boosted search visibility (think Google — RELEVANT paid-for profiles appear first in alphabetical order, followed by non-paid-for search results).
  • A company news room allows you to include current accounts wins, promotions, campaign launches and other company news in your profile.
  • The ability to add a showcase portfolio, saving clients time in finding and accessing your portfolio of work.
  • Exposure through the publication of company news room headlines on industry news site MarkLives.com

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What does it cost?

A basic profile listing is free. For a Premium profile, the cost is R13 685 per annum (once-off fee, includes VAT). You also get 36 free press releases for your news room.

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Where do I create a profile on Ramify?


Newsletter ads

The MarkLives newsletter is emailed to a subscriber database of marketing professionals and communications agencies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding public holidays).

Subscriber base: 3251 (Feb 2019)
Total sponsorship newsletter advertising costs:

  • 6 newsletters: R4830 (incl VAT)
  • 12 newsletters: R8280 (incl VAT)
  • No single runs available

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Sponsorship slots

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available on MarkLives.com (10 in total). Sponsor logos will be added to the MarkLives.com masthead and all sponsors will receive banner exposure on the right hand column of MarkLives.com through a rotating ad schedule.  All sponsorships are signed for a period of twelve months. Contact us for our rate card (see form below – please include a phone number). Note: Sold out but email us for other opportunities or to be added to the sponsorship waiting list.

Contact us for details using the contact form.

MarkLives, advertising & editorial policy

MarkLives.com believes in independent reportage that lifts coverage of the advertising sector specifically, but also the broader marketing and communication fields, to the level of professionalism deserved by its discerning readers and where it adds value to the industry as a whole.

MarkLives.com covers industry players and personalities without expecting compensation in the form of advertising for doing so. You are not our wallet. You are our passion.

That does not mean the industry in general or any sponsor in particular can expect uncritical or superficial reporting. MarkLives.com covers the marketing, media and advertising field fearlessly, without compromise, truthfully and even-handedly. Sometimes you won’t like what we write. But when we offer praise it will mean something, it will be real, and everybody will know that. Like your clients.

Sponsor Endorsements

“Marklives is not only one of a dwindling number of media outlets in South Africa that supports our industry, but more importantly, it’s one of the few that has a real credibility and intelligent journalism, rather than just a  cut and paste of churned out press releases. Since we’ve been on board as a partner, we found it’s grown as an one of the leading outlets to share (and break!) industry news, and a vital point of call for us in continuing to grow our brand profile and keep an eye on what’s happening.”
— Emma King
Head of PR, The Jupiter Drawing Room

“MACHINE launched at a similar time to Marklives, and while we have watched the growth of Marklives, I attribute much of MACHINE’s brand growth and success to the association we have enjoyed with Herman and the site. The growing audience and the quality content and debate it creates, means that our business is closely linked to the cutting edge of our industry. We intend to keep our tie with Marklives for a very long time!”
— Adrian Hewlett
CEO, Publicis Machine

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