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Target audience: South African advertising, marketing and design professionals including marketing directors and managers and company CEOs

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MarkLives remains South Africa’s only journalism-driven online platform for industry news, opinion, analysis, case studies, profiles and marketing innovations. We offer a fresh, independent and investigative view of southern Africa’s changing communication landscape.

We have established a must-read news site for senior marketing professionals, media editors and publishers as well as senior advertising executives. The site has gained influence through breaking industry news and in-depth features. As other publishers divest from content we’ve gone the other way. Your support pays for our journalism. It allows us to tell the stories of the broader marketing and advertising industry.

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Ramify.biz: Business Profile/Company News Service

What is Ramify?

Ramify.biz, which launched in 2016, connects marketers to agencies, and agencies to service providers and suppliers. Currently we list over 550 agencies and 160 industry suppliers. Its business profile press office functionality allows you to publish content to your profile and to MarkLives and its audience.

What is the company news room service?

A company news room allows you to promote current accounts wins, campaign launches, promotions and other company news in your profile. Headlines are featured on the front page of MarkLives.com, the MarkLives email newsletter sent every Monday and Thursday, the @MarkLives and @Ramifybiz Twitter accounts and Ramify.biz Facebook page — putting your news headlines in front of an niche audience of marketing and advertising personnel across South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. This option is only available to paid-for Premium profiles.

What do I get for going Premium?

Your free Ramify.biz profile is upgraded with access to premium features, including:

  • Boosted search visibility (think Google — RELEVANT paid-for profiles appear first in alphabetical order, followed by non-paid-for search results).
  • The ability to add a showcase portfolio, saving potential clients time in finding and accessing your portfolio of work.
  • A company news room for highlighting your current accounts wins, promotions, campaign launches and other company news.
  • Exposure through the publication of and links to your news room content via MarkLives.com (40 000 unique visitors a month), MarkLives newsletter (4 642+ subscribers), Facebook (Ramify: 2 739 page likes) and Twitter (@MarkLives: 15 700 followers and @Ramifybiz: 904 followers).
  • All paid for content are clearly marked as being served via Ramify to ensure MarkLives’ impeccable editorial integrity remains intact.

Where do I create a profile on Ramify?

The cost

The once-off fee per annum is R13 685 (incl VAT). But if you cannot pay our full annual subscription fee  in this time of crisis, we understand. You only need to pay what you can.

Contact us

Email us for our full rate card and details on our Pay what you can offer at:


Some of our past and current current Premium Profile clients

Past and present Ramify Premium Profiles


Read by executives at top brands and creative agencies

MarkLives is read by execs at top brands and agencies.

Newsletter ads

The MarkLives newsletter is emailed to a subscriber database of marketing professionals and communications agencies every Monday and Thursday (excluding public holidays).

  • Subscriber base: 4615 (as of 21 May 2020)
  • Total sponsorship newsletter advertising cost (per 2 newsletters): R1150 incl VAT
  • Total sponsorship newsletter advertising cost (per 4 newsletters): R2290 incl VAT
  • Total sponsorship newsletter advertising cost (per 8 newsletters): R3910 incl VAT
  • No single runs available.

Email us for our full rate card and details:


Sponsorship slots

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available on MarkLives.com (10 in total). Sponsor logos will be added to the MarkLives.com masthead and all sponsors will receive banner exposure on the right hand column of MarkLives.com through a rotating ad schedule.  All sponsorships are signed for a period of twelve months. Contact us for our rate card (see form below – please include a phone number).

Note: Sold out but email us for other opportunities or to be added to the sponsorship waiting list.

Email us for our full rate card and details:


MarkLives, advertising & editorial policy

MarkLives.com believes in independent reportage that lifts coverage of the advertising sector specifically, but also the broader marketing and communication fields, to the level of professionalism deserved by its discerning readers and where it adds value to the industry as a whole.

MarkLives.com covers industry players and personalities without expecting compensation in the form of advertising for doing so. You are not our wallet. You are our passion.

That does not mean the industry in general or any sponsor in particular can expect uncritical or superficial reporting. MarkLives.com covers the marketing, media and advertising field fearlessly, without compromise, truthfully and even-handedly. Sometimes you won’t like what we write. But when we offer praise it will mean something, it will be real, and everybody will know that. Like your clients.

To contact us, please use the email address below:



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