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#CoronavirusSA — Special Section

This covers how the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and its resultant disease, covid-19, is affecting the advertising, marketing and related industries in South Africa and other parts of Africa, and how we are responding. We welcome various types of content. Opinion pieces/guest columns must be exclusive.

Your best campaign work

If you’re involved in making advertising that is smart, funny and/or engaging, please let the MarkLives team know at adchamps@marklives.com. All work featured in our new monthly column, #AdChamps, will be considered for MarkLives’ Ad of the Year 2020. Note: Ads must be currently running or no older than two months. If we like the ad, we’ll reach out and ask for more info.

Opinion/op-ed pieces

  1. We only publish commissioned, exclusive content.
  2. Our readers know the basics; we need something that is either new or tells the story in a new and interesting way.
  3. We prefer you submit a story pitch to us; if we like it, we will give the go-ahead. We are a small team and are unable to work through all the unsolicited stories we receive.
  4. We don’t allow copy to reference the agency brand or clients.

All ad-hoc writers are published in Marklives’ by-invitation-only section, Motive. There is a limited number of permanent columnist slots available on the site, which is filled as writers rotate out; these are based on subject matter and consistent quality insights presented by individual writers. We do not offer columns to agencies but to individuals. If an individual drops out, we do not replace them with another columnist from their agency by default. We are open to pitches from new faces throughout the year.

Email us for our full contributor guidelines/FAQ.

Content structure

  1. MarkLives: www.marklives.com
    1. Breaking/hard news/features
    2. Special section — #CoronavirusSA (see above)
    3. Radar — news in brief (2–3 paragraphs)
      1. Account wins
      2. Promotions/appointments
      3. #RetailRadar — product, packaging, design, food, décor etc
      4. #CampaignRadar — see below as well
    4. Interviews
      1. Features
      2. Q5 — five-question interviews with Carey Finn
      3. #BrandFocus — interviews with marketing directors and marketing managers
    5. Columnists:
      1. Regular columnists (permanent, selected by the editors of MarkLives)
      2. Ad hoc columns — Motive/By Invitation Only
      3. #BigQ — The Big Question panel
        1. Yearly trends series is #BigQ2020, #BigQ2019 etc
    6. Creative work — #AdChamps or #Campaigns
      1. See above
      2. Must be fresh
      3. Pitch your cool campaign as soon as it is ready, or even under embargo
    7. Extracts — excerpts from books and research
  2. Careers: careers.marklives.com
    1. Free job listings
  3. Ramify: ramify.biz — connecting marketers and agencies, as well as agency service suppliers
    1. Advertorial/company news offices as part of a Premium Profile
    2. Free listings available
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MarkLives, advertising & editorial policy

MarkLives.com believes in independent reportage that lifts coverage of the advertising sector specifically, but also the broader marketing and communication fields, to the level of professionalism deserved by its discerning readers and where it adds value to the industry as a whole.

MarkLives.com covers industry players and personalities without expecting compensation in the form of advertising for doing so. You are not our wallet. You are our passion.

That does not mean the industry in general or any sponsor in particular can expect uncritical or superficial reporting. MarkLives.com covers the marketing, media and advertising field fearlessly, without compromise, truthfully and even-handedly. Sometimes you won’t like what we write. But when we offer praise it will mean something, it will be real, and everybody will know that. Like your clients.

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