Extract: Africa culturally predisposed to succeeding in future world of work

by Amanda Murray & Nokuthula Radebe. Africa’s rich diversity dividend and existing informal economic structure and skills acquisition processes closely match those of the emerging global gig economy.

Extract: Impact on industries in Africa’s future world of work

by Amanda Murray & Nokuthula Radebe. Africa’s cultural comfort with diversity and informal short-term work means that the continent is well-placed to access the future world of work.

#TheFutureByDesign: Google’s big brand impact

a #TheFutureByDesign feature. As the biggest brand in the world of technology, how Google operates in Africa will affect the ecosystems of the countries it is active in. The Future By Design speaks to Google’s Luke Mckend about how the mega-brand thinks about the future of Africa and its future in Africa.

Meet an upgraded Springleap and its meta-consumers

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Once Springleap was famous for the funky but rather expensive T-shirts it produced through crowd-sourced design. Now the business has dropped T-shirts and embraced a new research-centric role under Trevor Wolfe.

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