Mission: Make work matter

by Tom Fels. Marketing can be the mouthpiece of brands manifesting change and championing the underserved, of embedding hope in the consciousness of society and creating purpose-led futures.

The case for being human in an otherwise inhumanE world

by Taazima Kala-Essack. The case for people, brands and businesses becoming more human gets stronger every day. In cracks of darkness, light gets in.

Extract: Africa culturally predisposed to succeeding in future world of work

by Amanda Murray & Nokuthula Radebe. Africa’s rich diversity dividend and existing informal economic structure and skills acquisition processes closely match those of the emerging global gig economy.

Extract: Impact on industries in Africa’s future world of work

by Amanda Murray & Nokuthula Radebe. Africa’s cultural comfort with diversity and informal short-term work means that the continent is well-placed to access the future world of work.

Q5: Anne Githuku-Shongwe on a future sans stereotypes [interview]

by Carey Finn. This acclaimed speaker and social entrepreneur shares a few notes on women’s leadership, stereotypes and social innovation.

Davos’ future digital revolution dreams — what’s SA to do meantime?

by Gavin Weale. We have to collectively roll up our sleeves and wrangle for progress on the ground for the millions of unemployed young people who need access to a livelihood now.

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