#TheFutureByDesign: Google’s big brand impact

a #TheFutureByDesign feature. As the biggest brand in the world of technology, how Google operates in Africa will affect the ecosystems of the countries it is active in. The Future By Design speaks to Google’s Luke Mckend about how the mega-brand thinks about the future of Africa and its future in Africa.

#TheFutureByDesign: The future of news

a Future By Design interview. Expect more bite-sized news, ‘click-baiting’, and reporting that has a very distinct personality. Attention — the one-size-fits-all approach is long dead. Future By Design asked Azad Essa, founder of local online news channel The Daily Vox, what the future of news is going to look like.

#TheFutureByDesign: Cash is still king, but it’s about to be dethroned

a #TheFutureByDesign feature by Thea Anderson. At the Financial Inclusion 2020 Forum in London, I sat as MasterCard’s CEO Ajay Banga reminded us why “cash is the enemy of the poor.” Unfortunately cash still reigns supreme in many parts of the world, but thanks to advances in mobile technology, its throne may soon be up for grabs.

#TheFutureByDesign: IoT — everything connected

a Future By Design interview. It’s more than a buzzword — the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the way humans interact with their world in the next few years, and the effects will be far-reaching. For marketers, the question is: how can I use IoT to my brand’s best advantage? Simon Dingle gives some answers.

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