Clicks ’n Tricks: Google rearranges furniture; drops AdWords, DoubleClick

by Charlie Stewart. While the dry nature of the headline announcement received little media exposure, the move should be of interest for anyone with more than a passing interest in the future of marketing.

Clicks ’n Tricks: Media, look Google Flexible Sampling gift horse in mouth

by Charlie Stewart. The two alternatives Google is offering publishers under its Flexible Sampling programme may not be all they seem.

Brands & Branding: Clichés vs meaningful company values

by Elsa Gouws. Employees, for the most part, just don’t know what to do with such generic brand values…

#TheFutureByDesign: Google’s big brand impact

a #TheFutureByDesign feature. As the biggest brand in the world of technology, how Google operates in Africa will affect the ecosystems of the countries it is active in. The Future By Design speaks to Google’s Luke Mckend about how the mega-brand thinks about the future of Africa and its future in Africa.

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