At FIFA they pick the media they will deal with (rather conveniently)

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching and media interest in the event is growing in South Africa and globally. To facilitate communication between journalists and FIFA it has created an online Media Channel. “The FIFA Media Channel is a media-only password protected service with specific content tailored to support journalists, photographers and other media professionals,” reads the website.

SA gamers punk’d by new broadband provider

The truth is out – the debate that has been raging across the South African gaming community (see below) about who are better gamers – boys or girls – was in fact a marketing campaign planted by new IS broadband provider PLuGG. PLuGG targeted the gaming community as a core niche in its customer base. It planted posts on gaming forums and blogs, and even put out YouTube videos supporting one side or the other, with the help of agency Hello World. PLuGG conceived the campaign to conclude around a first-of-its-kind Girls vs. Guys Game-Off event that was held at the end of 2008.

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