#Transformers: Tech, data & the looming privacy apocalypse [video]

by Charlie Mathews. In this interview, Arthur Goldstuck speaks about how technology is transforming marketing faster than ever before, and the coming privacy showdown.

Occupy Twitter in the name of the global citizen

Twitter can now censor tweets by country. National borders, drawn on paper and defended with razor wire and guns in the physical world, now have a presence on the internet as well. You won’t find politicians complaining — but maybe the rest of us should.

Shame on SAPA for giving bigot national, uncritical exposure

One Taryn Hodgson of The Christian Action Network (CAN) has been gaining considerable exposure in the mainstream media thanks to SAPA. Hodgson launched an attack on DSTv researching the possibility of offering a pornographic pay-TV channel to South Africans. SAPA decided to cast her as a vocal opponent of any such move and as an advocate for women’s rights.

At FIFA they pick the media they will deal with (rather conveniently)

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching and media interest in the event is growing in South Africa and globally. To facilitate communication between journalists and FIFA it has created an online Media Channel. “The FIFA Media Channel is a media-only password protected service with specific content tailored to support journalists, photographers and other media professionals,” reads the website.

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