Tech Law: ANN7 sings the Streisand Effect blues

by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) News channel ANN7 has been the object of both considerable ridicule and controversy lately. On the one hand, the 24 hour news channel launched by the similarly controversial Gupta family has been criticised for poor production values and content and, on the other hand, an Indian company known as Aiplex Software has been filing take down notices with YouTube in an effort to remove a growing number of satirical videos targeting the fledgling station.

Occupy Twitter in the name of the global citizen

Twitter can now censor tweets by country. National borders, drawn on paper and defended with razor wire and guns in the physical world, now have a presence on the internet as well. You won’t find politicians complaining — but maybe the rest of us should.

Media-regulation glee club has a new hit show

n the wake of the massive phone-hacking scandal playing out in Britain, its prime minister, David Cameron, has called for the scrapping of media self-regulation and for stronger press regulation by government.

Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, one of the largest circulation English newspapers in the world, was found to have hacked the phones of celebrities, politicians, sport stars, even a murdered school girl, victims of the London subway bombings – the list goes on.

#zamediafreedom ANC vilifies journos in attempt to quash free speech

The ANC has made public its plans for the future of South African media in a discussion paper prepared for the ANC National General Council 2010, to be held 20 – 24 September in Durban. The discussion paper makes it quite clear how the ANC views the media – it unashamedly vilifies journalists as dishonest scoundrels – and rather disconcertingly notes the success of the apartheid regime in staying in power through censorship and media control.

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