Ad of the Week: Don’t skip this

The ad is very simple. It’s a close-up shot of a seatbelt buckle, as it is being fastened. The copy that follows is: ‘A few seconds you just can’t skip.’ This is followed briefly by the Ford logo; the five seconds is up, and the YouTube ‘Skip’ button appears.

The Word: First kiss

by Mongezi Mtati (@Mongezi) The social web, as we’ve learned from countless pictures of kittens, loves all things heart-warming and shares them aplenty, but woe betide any dishonesty. An example of this is the First Kiss video on YouTube, billed as 20 strangers sharing a kiss for the first time, which got the web all a buzz a few weeks ago.

Ad of the Week: How to Wrangle a Kreepy

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) In an online campaign, Pentair, the US company that now owns Kreepy Krauly, has embraced the South African ethos and allowed agency Ebony and Ivory to have fun with a very “local is lekker” campaign.

Adlip: Most powerful road safety ad created by a non-advertising guy…

by AdLip (@adliptweet) Since its release, ‘Embrace Life’ has exploded around the world with its positive message encouraging people to wear their seat belts. The “always wear a seatbelt” ad quickly became a worldwide viral smash, gathering over 11.8 million views on YouTube alone in t10 months, along with international wins.

Tech Law: ANN7 sings the Streisand Effect blues

by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) News channel ANN7 has been the object of both considerable ridicule and controversy lately. On the one hand, the 24 hour news channel launched by the similarly controversial Gupta family has been criticised for poor production values and content and, on the other hand, an Indian company known as Aiplex Software has been filing take down notices with YouTube in an effort to remove a growing number of satirical videos targeting the fledgling station.

South Africa’s top 10 most popular YouTube videos in 2012 – Made and Viewed by SA!

The most popular YouTube video results for 2012 are out. The list shows the South African videos that recorded the largest number of views on the popular social media platform over the past year. The list is ranked in order of South African popularity, determined by views:

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