The Word: Conversion more important than going viral

by Mongezi Mtati (@Mongezi) “Can you make us go viral?” That’s what some clients still ask whenever we talk about social media and interacting with brand evangelists. It’s a popular buzzword and every brand wants a piece of it. However, going viral, though great for the ego, is often short-lived and may not cause a long-term impact and organise your customers into a community.

Adlip: Most powerful road safety ad created by a non-advertising guy…

by AdLip (@adliptweet) Since its release, ‘Embrace Life’ has exploded around the world with its positive message encouraging people to wear their seat belts. The “always wear a seatbelt” ad quickly became a worldwide viral smash, gathering over 11.8 million views on YouTube alone in t10 months, along with international wins.

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