Brand Politics: The reign of the evangelists

by Alistair Mackay (@almackay) Brand evangelists can be hugely damaging for a brand, whether in politics or the private sector. It’s not just people bad-mouthing a brand that can influence others to avoid it; it’s the characteristics of those singing its praises, too.

The Word: Less is more

by Mongezi Mtati (@Mongezi) In theory, the more people a brand reaches, the more likely it is to increase sales and grow an evangelist movement that ensures more future sales. But, contrary to popular theory, a recent experiment has shown that, the less you shout, the more people spread your content more effectively.

The Word: Conversion more important than going viral

by Mongezi Mtati (@Mongezi) “Can you make us go viral?” That’s what some clients still ask whenever we talk about social media and interacting with brand evangelists. It’s a popular buzzword and every brand wants a piece of it. However, going viral, though great for the ego, is often short-lived and may not cause a long-term impact and organise your customers into a community.

Influencers: Brand evangelists and brand churches — if they build them, others will come

by Jason Stewart (@HaveYouHeard_SA) The same way religion spreads its message, marketers need to spread theirs. By helping disciples to build churches that recruit new users and turn them into passionate users, who in turn recruit new users, the ‘brand church’ grows.

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