Adlip: Most powerful road safety ad created by a non-advertising guy…

by AdLip (@adliptweet) Since its release, ‘Embrace Life’ has exploded around the world with its positive message encouraging people to wear their seat belts. The “always wear a seatbelt” ad quickly became a worldwide viral smash, gathering over 11.8 million views on YouTube alone in t10 months, along with international wins.

Video interviews from the Cannes Lions advertising festival

Adlip, the industry video interview site, attented the recent Cannes Lions Advertising festival and filed the following reports.

Video interview site Adlip relaunched, signs FNB as co-developer

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Adlip, the advertising industry site known for its video interviews with creatives and industry executives, has received a major upgrade after owners John and Sonja Culverwell inked a sponsorship and co-developer deal with banking group FNB.

The revamped site is positioned as a gateway for consumer engagement on advertising created and flighted locally, as well as a go-to resource for those interested in insights from senior marketers, brand owners and creatives involved in advertising communication.

Adlip launched three years ago after a conversation between John and Sonja on the lack of video interviews, and the word from the proverbial horse’s mouth, on John’s favourite sports websites. The conversation soon turned to the ad industry, in which both are employed, and three glasses of wine later a business was born.

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