Q5: The science of brand memory, with Hamish McPharlin [interview]

by Carey Finn. The BBC Global News head of insight talks us through the key findings of a study on branded content, which explored how emotions affect memory — and what this means for brands.

Indy Ad Exec: The next generation is “un-advertising”

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) In the spirit of ‘un-advertising’, your next piece of communication could be (or should be) a game, stunt, product placement, TV series or endorsement, rather than a print ad or standard TV execution. Old ways of thinking evoke old responses.

Video interviews from the Cannes Lions advertising festival

Adlip, the industry video interview site, attented the recent Cannes Lions Advertising festival and filed the following reports.

New Media adapts strategy for digital world

Firms such as New Media (formerly New Media Publishing) have always positioned themselves as the meeting point between content and marketing. Now they are moving away from pulp and ink (though it remains a large and profitable chunk of the business) towards multiple platforms including mobile, the web and tablets.

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