MagLove: The best magazine covers this week (17 March 2017)

L’Equipe, The New York Times Magazine, Plascon Spaces, rooi rose and The Guardian Guide — MediaSlut’s weekly pick!

MagLove: The best magazine covers this week (16 September 2016)

MyKitchen, Plascon Spaces, PM, The New York Times Magazine and Time Out New York — MediaSlut’s weekly pick!

Magazine covers we love (this week)! runs a regular slot featuring the best local and international magazine covers every week. We recognise well thought out, powerful and interesting (and hopefully all three in one) magazine covers and celebrate the mix of pragmatism, creativity and personal taste that created each of them. By media blogger MediaSlutZA. This will be his last update for 2011 but he will be back in 2012 with more fantastic magazine covers to share!

New Media adapts strategy for digital world

Firms such as New Media (formerly New Media Publishing) have always positioned themselves as the meeting point between content and marketing. Now they are moving away from pulp and ink (though it remains a large and profitable chunk of the business) towards multiple platforms including mobile, the web and tablets.

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