MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • L’Equipe
  • The New York Times Magazine (Music Issue)
  • Plascon Spaces
  • rooi rose (75th Birthday Issue)
  • The Guardian Guide

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L’Equipe, 18 February 2017

L'Equipe, 18 February 2017

PMS. Periods. Menstruation. Monthlies. The curse. That time of the month. So many different ways of referring to it, but it still comes down to one thing, and its big reality. L’Equipe, a French sports magazine, does an investigation into the “last taboo of sport”, and illustrates it subtly yet extremely effectively! Kudos*!

*Kudos (from the Ancient Greek: κῦδος) is acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. So, not another way of referring to PMS…


The New York Times Magazine, 12 March 2017 (Music Issue)

The New York Times Magazine, 12 March 2017: Music issue

What a stunner of a cover, issue, and article (especially digitally!). The amazing typography (or lettering, as it’s called), is done by artist Braulio Amado. Make sure you hop over to the special webpage to get the full effect of this great piece of work as it not only lists the 24 artists and songs but has great writeups, photography and — wait for it — the actual songs that are included for each of them! Oh, and you can download each song if you want to. AND there’s a special podcast where they “talk to some of the great writers in this issue about the songs that spoke to them”…

Here’s the list of songs and artists you will find:

  1. Send My Love (to Your New Lover) — ADELE
  2. You Want It Darker — LEONARD COHEN
  3. I’m Better — MISSY ELLIOTT
  4. Mask Off — FUTURE
  5. Jolene — PENTATONIX
  6. We the People … — A TRIBE CALLED QUEST
  7. One Night — LIL YACHTY
  8. Rewind — KELELA
  10. Make Them Die Slowly (John George Haigh) — CHURCH OF MISERY
  11. Barok Main — MICA LEVI & OLIVER COATES
  12. Mourn at Night — KA
  13. Hold My Mule — SHIRLEY CAESAR
  14. A Woman’s Face — Reprise (Sonnet 20) — RUFUS WAINWRIGHT
  15. Copper Canteen — JAMES McMURTRY
  16. U.B.U. — SOLANGE
  17. Side to Side — ARIANA GRANDE
  18. Fade — KANYE WEST
  20. Grigio Girls — LADY GAGA
  22. Changes — CHARLES BRADLEY
  23. Seigfried — FRANK OCEAN
  24. Your best American Girl — MITSKI
  25. Bad and Boujee — MIGOS

Bonus track

  • Spit Out the Bone — METALLICA


Plascon Spaces, Autumn 2017

Plascon Spaces, Issue 23, 2017: Autumn

Plascon Spaces not only always creates and inspires with beautiful colour palettes but the story it tells with some of its covers, and the inspiration offered, is what I really love! This is a “young person’s workspace” (clearly a young girl) yet, instead of going with the normal pinks, it’s showing that her room may be just as beautiful (if not more) by breaking the mould — and I adore it! What I also love about this cover and the styling is that, wherever I look on the cover, I see objects and colour that inspire my own child’s room (one day). Here’s more information about the objects and colours on the cover. And, if you want more inspiration, read all the back issues free of charge on its website.


rooi rose, April 2017 (75th Birthday Issue)

rooi rose, April 2017, 75th birthday issue with Karen Zoid

No, it’s not Karen Zoid who is 75 (she’s 38), it’s rooi rose which is really looking great for its age! It feels like just the other day that it celebrated its 70th (with a truly memorable issue and foldout cover), yet here we are again! Congratulations with your birthday, ma’am! Go behind the scenes with Zoid here..


The Guardian Guide, 17 March 2017

The Guardian Guide, 17 March 2017: Simon Amstell

Look familiar? That’s because this is a comedic replica of the memorable New York Times Magazine issue of 21 August 2016 (#4 in my Top 10 list last year), with Statue Simon Amstell, the English comedian, television presenter, director and actor, instead of Statue David. Love a bit of humour every so often J. Read more here.


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