BREAKING: Media24 planning to close multiple magazines, newspapers

by MarkLives. Subject to finalisation, Media24 wants to close five magazines and two newspapers; outsource and reduce the frequency of its remaining monthly magazines; take two newspapers digital only; and reduce staff in related support services.

Media Report: Esmaré Weideman on independence, power, monopoly and Africa

a The Media Report 2014 interview. Undoubtedly the most influential and powerful woman in the media in South Africa, Esmaré Weideman has a colossal challenge. As the boss of Media24, she is responsible for the commercial success of Africa’s largest publishing group. Here she talks about this challenge as well as freedom of expression, advertising, independence and monopoly.

Grubstreet: Kuier’s secret to success

by Gill Moodie (@grubstreetSA) Media24 announced recently that it is launching a new fortnightly women’s magazine called mine! – a move which tells us as much about the state of the magazine industry as it does about the clever team behind this new title.

The English-language magazine, which is aimed at LSM 6-8 women and will launch in August, is coming from the same people who do the Afrikaans-language fortnightly, Kuier.

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