What MetroR, MTN should know about education in Uganda

by Anton Crone (@antoncrone) The advertising industry is full of well-educated, extremely talented people, but it is driven blind by awards and the creative egos that chase them. Awards are vital; they raise the bar. But with the brains that the industry has, far more concerted effort could be put into making a positive difference.

Hermaneutics: Awards or education? Guess which one agencies pick.

Yup. That didn’t take two seconds did it? You want to move on up in adland you better land a couple of awards. Who needs multi-skilled, educated self-starters anyways.

David Nobay, Creative Chairman at Droga5 in Sydney, last year told delegates at the Loeries seminar that modern award shows are oversimplifying what is considered ‘creative.’ And I quote: “Awarding winning work has become a matter of looking at a piece of work and having an immediate reaction (on the judges’ part) to it before moving to the next piece.” And while most businesses are running in maintenance mode, and need solutions that cater to this, award-winning creative has become all about the new.

Hermaneutics: A tale of three award ceremonies

by Herman Manson. It’s like inviting Bucks Fizz to MC a champagne & sparkling wine event. I’m of course talking about flying in MC Hammer to MC the Loerie Awards on Sunday evening, or not, as the case might be.

The Creative Circle needs to manage relevance, says Chris Gotz

Chris Gotz, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Cape Town, recently took up the reins as chair of the Creative Circle, a body promoting creativity in the South African advertising industry.

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