Hermaneutics: Awards or education? Guess which one agencies pick.

Yup. That didn’t take two seconds did it? You want to move on up in adland you better land a couple of awards. Who needs multi-skilled, educated self-starters anyways.

David Nobay, Creative Chairman at Droga5 in Sydney, last year told delegates at the Loeries seminar that modern award shows are oversimplifying what is considered ‘creative.’ And I quote: “Awarding winning work has become a matter of looking at a piece of work and having an immediate reaction (on the judges’ part) to it before moving to the next piece.” And while most businesses are running in maintenance mode, and need solutions that cater to this, award-winning creative has become all about the new.

Reputation boost for Ogilvy as ODMA shows success

The Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy (ODMA), an educational initiative between Ogilvy and lecturer and digital strategist Dave Duarte, has celebrated its first year of contributing to the “geekification of the ad industry,” as Duarte had joked it would do when the academy in its current form was first launched in early 2011.

2010 hit the reset button in Cape adland

In spite of some turbulence, post Great Recession it turns out that 2010 wasn’t such a bad year for Cape Town’s adland after all. While big account moves in Cape Town were rather limited, agencies are taking the initiative to reinvent their internal processes, in some cases shedding staff and departments, while looking for work coming out of Johannesburg or internationally.

Dave Duarte joins Ogilvy promising the “geekification of the ad industry”

Ogilvy Cape Town is making a tangible move towards integrating digital skills companywide and across traditional agency silos as ad spend continues its shift online. The agency has rolled out a comprehensive educational initiative with lecturer and digital strategist Dave Duarte, who joins the company to lead its Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy (ODMA).

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