2010 hit the reset button in Cape adland

In spite of some turbulence, post Great Recession it turns out that 2010 wasn’t such a bad year for Cape Town’s adland after all. While big account moves in Cape Town were rather limited, agencies are taking the initiative to reinvent their internal processes, in some cases shedding staff and departments, while looking for work coming out of Johannesburg or internationally.

Award-show behaving badly

Immature or wild at heart? Either one could describe the third annual Bookmarks awards evening, where the digital marketing and publishing evening took the opportunity last night, Thursday, 18 November 2010, to pat one another on the back – albeit cautiously.

Magazine summit no crystal ball on media future

Journalism and marketing will continue to move ever closer, with the wall once separating them being steadily dismantled. By publishers. And that’s a good thing. Read on.

Seeking to answer questions around magazine strategy in the information age, publishers from across the country gathered at the Cape Town International Convention Centre for the first annual SAPPI MPASA (Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa) Media Summit. A prelude to the day’s main draw, the PICA awards (the magazine publishing industry’s annual award show), the summit was meant to explore what the magazine landscape will look like five years from now. There seemed to be few answers.

The waning influence of ad award shows

The statues are stacked in neat rows along office walls. It’s come to define our industry. Kids are told they need to win ’em to impress the creative director and secure that job. Creative directors are told they needs to win ’em to impress the MD and prove their relevance in a competitive industry. MD care because they are told the talent cares, and with a bit of spin and a celebratory lunch, the client might be induced to care, too.

That’s a lot of caring taking place right there, so why am I seeing more and more stories along the lines of ‘Death to Design Awards’, published on the influential design blog Design Observer, or “What’s wrong with advertising award shows?”, published on Adsoftheworld?

Cape Town ‘heart’ soccer

Cape Town Tourism, the city’s public-private partnership to drive tourism in the city, certainly impressed with its pro-active, post FIFA World Cup 2010, report back to stakeholders. Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariette du Toit-Helmbold talks to Bizcommunity.com about the local industry’s strategy pre-and post world cup and why she believes disappointing occupancy levels doesn’t tell the full story.

World cup: newspaper editors innovate amid circulation decline

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been the biggest South African news story so far this year. The tournament dominated media coverage over several months, both in the build-up to and during the actual event. Newspapers sat between a rock and a hard place during the world cup, as television ruled with its live broadcasts and online was first with live commentary, opinion and blow-by blow recounts.

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