Cape Town ‘heart’ soccer

Cape Town Tourism, the city’s public-private partnership to drive tourism in the city, certainly impressed with its pro-active, post FIFA World Cup 2010, report back to stakeholders. Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariette du Toit-Helmbold talks to about the local industry’s strategy pre-and post world cup and why she believes disappointing occupancy levels doesn’t tell the full story.

Where are tourists going when not watching the football?

With soccer fans getting ready for the 10 + 10 and 20 – 10 (eeeek!) You Know What. They won’t only be watching soccer – they will also be exploring South African tourist sites. Google has released data on what key-words tourists are searching using its engine.

Media junkets from hell

Take whatever disparate journalists you can lure, stuff them into a plane. Fly them down to East London. Take them on tour. Feed them. Encourage them to drink. Throw free goodies at them. And hope like hell they give you good coverage for the new logo you’re unveiling. Story by Mandy de Waal.

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