Loeries 2020 is about industry legacy, says new CEO

by Herman Manson. By ensuring the awards continues this year, Preetesh Sewraj wants to offer adland a morale boost plus showcase, and allow a stronger industry to emerge from the current chaos.

Are you a Loerie Fash Ho?

by Louise Marsland (@louise_marsland) One of the things about the creative industry is the fact that if you say ‘black tie’ on an invitation, the only people who will pitch in full evening dress are the clients.

Everyone else will try out do each other in subverting the dress code and making a creative fashion statement.

People attend Loeries for the work, the awards, the parties and also to be seen rocking a statement outfit or being as ‘anti-establishment’ as possible by going against the grain.

I remember the first time The Loerie Awards, which had become a six-hour ordeal interspersed with M-Net continuity announcers, went to two awards evenings the first time at Sun City to try get the length of the evening down by splitting the awards into two nights.

In protest, one top creative, can’t remember who, went shirtless the first night, only wearing trousers and shoes and socks, and the next night pitched in his underpants with a shirt, tie and jacket on.

The two creepiest Loerie winning ads this year

MarkLives.com picked the two creepiest ads awarded at the Loeries this year.

1. Fox International Channels, TOP TV: Life goes on. Again.
Agency: Ireland/Davenport
Loerie: Campaign Silver TV Trailers, Channel & Station Promos

2. VW Polo GTI: Date Drive
Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Campaign Bronze PR Communication Campaign
Silver Microsite
Campaign Silver Digital Mixed-Media Campaign

South Africans could apply for date drives in the new Polo GTI. It would help them impress a hot date ‘and improve their chance of scoring.’ Participants filled in pre- and post- ‘drive’ questionnaires.

Letter from NY: Loeries or Lousy’s?

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) Original thought. That’s really what the Loeries should be all about. And yet, ironically, once again the same old arguments are being pulled out the archives about the integrity and purpose of the Loerie Awards. I mean, some of them almost make me feel young again.

The Creative Circle needs to manage relevance, says Chris Gotz

Chris Gotz, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Cape Town, recently took up the reins as chair of the Creative Circle, a body promoting creativity in the South African advertising industry.

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