Letter from NY: The truth about Cannes

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) I have just completed my 13th Cannes Lions in 15 years and the change from my first one in 1999 has been remarkable. The truth is that it’s now a media event, where the powerful new media and digital companies of our era jostle for the front page — and the downside of all this is the relegation in standing of the creative awards.

Letter from NY: Not selling out

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) So, in the end, in this magnificent digital-interfacing world we live in, I decided to say no to our suitors because of a piece of 3.7g card pictured herewith. You see, this card is mine, obviously. But it represents more than just my company name, details and my title; it represents ownership, something so precious only independent owners can appreciate it — or ex-owners.

Letter from NY: To sell or not to sell?

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) Last week, we were made an outrageous offer to sell our agency. We are having to think long and hard about this because it will have a massive effect on our futures — the people of The Bull WH, our clients and the industry at large. So I have done a parallel forecast: what happens if we sell, and what happens if we don’t sell.

Letter from NY: Agency giants vs Davids — shareholders vs principles?

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) “Stumbling around like drunks”. These were the words Lord Dan Weiden used last week at the AdAge small agency conference whilst describing today’s advertising holding companies. Little did we know that less than 48 hours later, two of the biggest drunks – to continue the metaphor – would stumble smack bang into each other and end up in bed.

Letter from NY: An immigrant to New York, building an ad agency

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) There was an ad for Porsche many moons back that I have never forgotten. It was a picture of a Porsche flying over a rise on a road. The headline said: “It’s like children. You can’t understand until you have one.” That’s kind of how I feel about owning an agency in New York – you never really know what it’s like until you own one.

Letter from NY: Ode to joy

Letter from NY, a MarkLives column, by Matthew Bull, The Bull-White House, New York. I recently attended the One Show Hall of Fame ceremony in New York.  John Webster, Steve Hayden, Jim Riswold, Martin Puris and the ace educator Richard Wilde were elected into it.  It was a night I found to be humbling, motivating …

Letter from NY: Loeries or Lousy’s?

by Matthew Bull (@StixBull) Original thought. That’s really what the Loeries should be all about. And yet, ironically, once again the same old arguments are being pulled out the archives about the integrity and purpose of the Loerie Awards. I mean, some of them almost make me feel young again.

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