Loeries & Pendoring: Not quite a post-mortem

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Flames roared impressively, smoke spilled over the stage and kids screamed. I had just been reading their naively thankful tweets to their educational institutions, such as the AAA School of Advertising, expressing eternal gratitude for securing them seats IN THE FRONT ROW!! of the auditorium at The Loerie Awards, and I had been wondering what fate— and the ad industry — would have in store for them… Welcome to the biz, kiddos.

The ad industry gathered in Cape Town this past weekend, starting on Friday evening, 20 September 2013, with the Pendoring Awards [winners list] and continuing through Saturday and Sunday evenings with The Loerie Awards [Loeries 2013 — all winners], to celebrate and award its creative output of the past year.

SANEF statement on Loerie media accreditation issue

MarkLives doesn’t normally publish press releases in its main content feed but since this joint statement by SANEF and the Loerie Award relates, at least in part, to the issue of limited media accreditation that was initially raised on these pages, we are making an exception.

The statement, reprinted in full below, follows a complaint to SANEF by BizCommunity.com on the matter of media accreditation to the Loerie Awards, and the terms and conditions attached to it.

MarkLives had previously raised the issue of the partial accreditation of its editor, Herman Manson, which we felt was the result of an unfair and biased accreditation system that was applied with no consistently (some journalists had to submit a ‘media plan’ others did not), and was open to abuse to discriminate against specific journalists. Our case is set out here and we stand by it.

MarkLives welcomes the announcement that the Loerie Awards will be revamping their media accreditation procedures for the 2013 event. We have serious reservations about how the process was handled this year and any improvement that makes the current opaque procedure more transparent is positive news and a step in the right direction.

MarkLives refused media accreditation to The Loerie Award shows (again)

by Herman Manson (@marklives) MarkLives (or to be more precise, me) have been refused media accreditation to the award shows at the 2012 Loerie Awards.

Lebogang Mohaule, Media Assistant at The Loerie Awards, confirmed that no accreditation to the two main award events would be forthcoming. Mohaule offered a single seminar pass for the rather grandiosely named International Seminar of Creativity taking place on Friday 21 September at Cape Town’s City Hall instead. I would also have access to “online press kits & official image gallery.”

Mohaule claims the Loeries “are following the same accreditation process used by the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity” in which accreditation “is not based on the type of media you represent, rather [on] the planned media coverage.”

“Because we now receive more applications that we have availability, we have to determine the most suitable accreditation for each application,” wrote Mohaule. “If a media plan is not deemed of sufficient value, we do not provide accreditation.”

Loeries 2010: Call for entries campaign launched

Loeries 2010: The biggest event of the year. The campaign theme for this years’ annual Loeries event, announced today, Monday, 15 March 2010, by CEO Andrew Human, is of course a tongue-in-cheek, if rather dry, reference to that ‘other’ biggest event of the year. Before those FIFA lawyers get their knickers in a knot again – Kulula-style – no part of the campaign actually ever mentions the FIFA World Cup or shows a football. It’s called having a sense of humour. Read my story and see all the creative on BizCommunity.

D&AD takes tough stance on scam ads

D&AD has joined the One Show to take a tough stance on scam ads (or ‘pro-active’ work as it is called here in SA). In a statement on its blog D&AD clearly states that “work must have been produced in response to a genuine brief and be approved and paid for by the client. Works created solely for the purpose of entering competitions are not eligible.”

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