As budgets dry up online looks up

Despite the global financial slowdown – as nice a way of saying ‘global recession’ as anybody and CNN has been able to come up with – at least one marketing medium will expand its share of the revenue pie, even as others prepare to face cutbacks and closures.

After online ad revenue grew 24% in 2006, 27% in 2007 and 32% in 2008, World Wide Worx researcher Arthur Goldstuck predicts it will grow 32% in 2009. This will see revenue jump from R319 million in 2008 to R419 million this year.

Revealed: What South Africans think about the ad industry

In the US two-thirds of people feel that ad agencies have some responsibility for the current worldwide economic crisis by causing people to buy things they could not afford. How about here in South Africa?

End of the road for GMs Pontiac, Saab, Hummer & Saturn?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that GM is considering shedding up to four brands as it prepares a plan for the US Congress on how it will apply money from a potential government bail-out to stave off bankruptcy.

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