End of the road for GMs Pontiac, Saab, Hummer & Saturn?


The Detroit Free Press is reporting that GM is considering shedding up to four brands as it prepares a plan for the US Congress on how it will apply money from a potential government bail-out to stave off bankruptcy.

“In his last visit to Capitol Hill, GM Chairman Rick Wagoner’s explanation of how the company would use the government loan took one page of an 11-page presentation, with seven bullet points offering no specific numbers,” reports the Free Press. “GM’s new presentation on how it will use up to $12 billion of the $25-billion pool could run close to 100 pages for lawmakers, with a shorter summary for public viewing.”

GM is reportedly considering shedding its Pontiac, Saab, Hummer &  Saturn brands. The shuttering in 2001 of the Oldsmobile brand reportedly cost GM $2 billion.


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One reply on “End of the road for GMs Pontiac, Saab, Hummer & Saturn?”

  1. This news piece has been floating around the internet for about a week now and I am still curious as to why Saab is mentioned in this list. Rick Wagoner is also reported to have told the media Saab is not for sale. Yet whenever GM has a problem Saab is always mentioned as being for the chop. The words troubled and struggling brand are consistently mentioned which with millions of people reading those words on a weekly basis is is of no wonder that the company hasn’t managed to grow. Who’s going to buy a car that is perceived as being on the brink of extinction. It is true that Saab hasn’t had a history of making a profit but many manufactures have been guilty of that in the past few years yet Saab get the headline news?
    It is fact that GM has HUMMER up for sale, Pontiac and Saturn products could well be covered by Chevrolet for the North American markets. Buick has the potential of making a great sale for an Asian investor but nobody has thought to mention this brand. With Saturn gone GM could finally use the funds to bring Saab into the fore field and fill the gap between Chevy and Cadillac. Saab’s ideology of Sporty, Safe and ecologically responsible vehicles has the potential to capture a broad base of customers. Let’s also not forget the the niche company is one of only 2 Globally established brands for GM. Their turbo charging technology can found in millions of GM vehicles not to mention now being responsible all of GM’s e85 and AWD applications. With GM needing safer vehicles that meet future emission laws, would it be wise to off-load Saab and their engineers at such a critical time? I think GM are now fully aware of the little jewel they bought nearly 20 years ago.

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