Alistair Palmer makes skateboards of clouds

Over the next couple of days MarkLives will be featuring the work of Alistair Palmer. His work revolves around design and art. He loves to work with his hands and enjoys playing with colour and texture. He finished school in 2000, started a business based around contemporary culture, went to an art school and then moved around a bit doing various creative things [and a few not so creative things…insert advertising].

Create Withtank is a very cool South African start-up with a remarkable sitebuilding tool offering entrepreneurs and creatively inclined web users a way to get a website without much of the costs usually associated with doing so. Alan Alston, one of the founders, chatted with Mark about his dream to keep the Web simple and easy, how it’s maxing out his credit card and what cool features and partners he plans adding in the near future.

The beautiful work of Joh Del

Joh Del (Johan de Lange) is one of South Africa’s most sought after illustrators and designers. His work has been described as whimsical and uniquely individual while his clients range from small indy outfits to giants like Nike seeking to regain street cred and cool. Here is his portfolio.

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