EXCLUSIVE: New start-up agency Area 213 buying into ecommerce plays

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Be ready for a host of new start-up agencies in the South African market, says Ben Wren, co-founder of one of the newest, Area 213. According to him, the market opens up every couple of years as the local market goes through a period of acquisitions by global networks.

The start-up shop that landed an airline

Angela Jayne Collins had left agency life to become a freelancer, but got her timing all wrong, for soon the Great Recession would roll over and work would dry up. Her partner, Patrick Robertson, a creative director, lost his job soon after. All that was left to do was, well, to start their own agency.

Create Withtank

Withtank.com is a very cool South African start-up with a remarkable sitebuilding tool offering entrepreneurs and creatively inclined web users a way to get a website without much of the costs usually associated with doing so. Alan Alston, one of the founders, chatted with Mark about his dream to keep the Web simple and easy, how it’s maxing out his credit card and what cool features and partners he plans adding in the near future.

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