MagLove: Written in blood — message to the world

by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) My choice of the best international magazine covers this week: Bloomberg Businessweek, Current, GQ Portugal, Time Out New York and WIRED.

MagLove: Cool collages, crosswords and creative explosions

by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) My choice of the best international and local magazine covers this week: Foreign Policy, WIRED, Work, Herring & Herring FRAMED and British Airways High Life (South Africa).

The beautiful work of Joh Del

Joh Del (Johan de Lange) is one of South Africa’s most sought after illustrators and designers. His work has been described as whimsical and uniquely individual while his clients range from small indy outfits to giants like Nike seeking to regain street cred and cool. Here is his portfolio.

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