Loeries & Pendoring: Not quite a post-mortem

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Flames roared impressively, smoke spilled over the stage and kids screamed. I had just been reading their naively thankful tweets to their educational institutions, such as the AAA School of Advertising, expressing eternal gratitude for securing them seats IN THE FRONT ROW!! of the auditorium at The Loerie Awards, and I had been wondering what fate— and the ad industry — would have in store for them… Welcome to the biz, kiddos.

The ad industry gathered in Cape Town this past weekend, starting on Friday evening, 20 September 2013, with the Pendoring Awards [winners list] and continuing through Saturday and Sunday evenings with The Loerie Awards [Loeries 2013 — all winners], to celebrate and award its creative output of the past year.

Pendoring Awards promises ever-greater diversity

by Herman Manson (@marklives) This year the Pendoring Awards will yet again be sidelined by the Creative Circle, even as it shares the Creative Week stage with the Loeries. The Loeries remains the only local creative award that counts to the Creative Circle points system, except for their own Ad of the Month of course.

Digital campaign lands Prestige Award at Pendorings

by Herman Manson. Ogilvy Johannesburg walked away with the highest accolade in Afrikaans language advertising, the Pendoring Prestige Award, for its digital driven campaign MK is… for Afrikaans music channel MK.

S’HOT: Afrikaans creatives ‘jolling’ and ‘rolling’ in New York

by MarkLives. In a series of three posters aimed at luring entries from the industry, the overall Pendoring winner shows how he revels like a born rock star in New York, Paris and Amsterdam.

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