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It might be because of my Afrikaans background which makes me biased, but I’m loving the new Pendoring Awards short films that have been released. The Pendorings have often played second fiddle to the bigger award shows, yet some of South Africa’s most creative people speak Afrikaans. The videos produced by Now&Partners certainly help tell a deeper side to Afrikaans creative’s story. Speaking of creative gatherings – have a look at the Open Design Conference happening in Cape Town soon. We also have a in-depth chat with artist Givan Lötz – it’s difficult to understand how this prolific artist manages to produce all the work he does. Also have a look at the agency PUNK’s new logo and identity. An ever-changing, genetic morphing logo. For our artist studio series we visit Let There Be Light, and we also showcase a favourite spot of our’s Field Office, for our Out-Of-Office series, a guide to interesting wi-fi hotspots for creatives.

Featured: Givan Lötz


Although we’re still trying to wrap our heads around precisely how Givan Lötz — visual artist, musician and designer — does it all, we are quite certain that he does it all well. Recently he kindly agreed to answer some of our questions, giving us a bit more insight about who he is and what he does.

 Check out more of Givan’s work with music and design.

The Pendoring Awards Short Films | Now & Partners

Now & Partners produced this incredible series of three short films for The Pendoring Awards featuring outstanding South African creatives. The films feature painter Zander Blom, musician Markus Wormstorm, and The Essop Twins who are conceptual photographers. They were directed by James Yeats Smith and shot by Kent Andreasen and Tao Farren.

 See the other short films created for the Pendorings.

OPEN DESIGN Cape Town: Talk 100 and Designing our Democracy


The very first OPEN DESIGN Cape Town Festival begins soon, with an incredible line-up of events set to take place. We’ve picked two of the many events you shouldn’t miss during the 10 day festival – Talk 100 and Designing our Democracy.

Get more information on the OPEN DESIGN Cape Town conference.

Made In Woodstock: Let There Be Light Studio


Nicola ‘Nix’ Davies is a conceptual artist. Her studio, Let There Be Light, is in the chirpy, upbeat Side Street Studios in Woodstock, where she collaborates and interacts with people with different backgrounds, skills and interests. We caught up with Nix to chat about her studio, her work and her collaborations:

 See more of Nicola’s studio.

Out of Office: Field Office


The concept behind Field Office is simple; it serves as an office-out-of-the-office. South African product designers Pedersen + Lennard first opened the space in Barrack Street to show off some of their slick furniture and smaller household items. Recently they expanded to The Woodstock Exchange, which now hosts the new Field Office, as well as the Pedersen + Lennard factory and office.

 See more photos of Field Office’s coffee shop and out-of-office workspace.

Spoek Mathambo ‘Awufuni’ Music Video

Shot on location in Johannesburg and released on Women’s Day in South Africa, Spoek Mathambo’s music video for his track ‘Awufuni’ pays homage to Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje, the female group that took South Africa by storm in the late 1960s. The song is off Spoek’s acclaimed mix tape ‘Escape to 85.’


Featured: Mr Fox Furniture


Founded by Durban based design duo Zayne Holl and Brad Wedderburn, Mr Fox Furniture creates a range of beautiful and effortless furniture and lighting. Here, we chat to Zayne to find out how it all happens.

See more of Mr Fox’s furniture range.

Genetics-based Algorithm CI by Punk


Punk – the digitally led, future-facing advertising agency within the King James Group – has recently launched its new corporate identity and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to see it. Why? The company developed an algorithm based on genetics that constantly creates new versions of its identity, by itself, infinitely.

 Try out some of the incredible CI’s from PUNK.

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