Andy Davis digs up the underground with Mahala

Andy Davis’s name may forever be associated with the defunct student magazine SL. It really shouldn’t be. The not terribly rebellious and long-dead youth magazine, which he used to edit in the early part of the previous decade, has been properly usurped by the creation of Davis’s own publication – the youth-orientated Mahala magazine and website.

S’HOT: Afrikaans creatives ‘jolling’ and ‘rolling’ in New York

by MarkLives. In a series of three posters aimed at luring entries from the industry, the overall Pendoring winner shows how he revels like a born rock star in New York, Paris and Amsterdam.

Haas Das & Bennie Boekwurm star in latest Pendoring poster campaign

For the latest campaign that promotes Pendoring, South Africa’s Afrikaans language advertising award, agency Joe Public uses well known Afrikaans characters to illustrate what could happen if the language continues to be neglected. The pay-off line reads: ‘Moenie die taal afskeep nie’ (Don’t neglect the language) and the call to action reads: ‘Skep in Afrikaans en keer dat ons mooiste taal sy glans verloor’ (Create in Afrikaans and prevent our most beautiful language from losing its lustre).”

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