Oliver Hermanus on critics and Skoonheid’s marketing strategy

In the second part of our interview with Oliver Hermanus, he discusses Skoonheid’s marketing strategy, the critical reaction of the major trades and South African critics, his reasons for making the film and the faults of the local film funding system. By Roger Young

Oliver Hermanus on filming Skoonheid

Oliver Hermanus’ Shirley Adams was an assured debut, his follow up Skoonheid is a far maturer and bleaker work. Skoonheid is an important new work in the South African canon because it starts a process of interrogation that has been lacking in local film for so long. We had a lengthy chat with him at the DIFF about the process of making the film, the state of film as art in South Africa, funding and the perception of Skoonheid as a “gay” film. Here is part one by Roger Young (for Mahala)

Andy Davis digs up the underground with Mahala

Andy Davis’s name may forever be associated with the defunct student magazine SL. It really shouldn’t be. The not terribly rebellious and long-dead youth magazine, which he used to edit in the early part of the previous decade, has been properly usurped by the creation of Davis’s own publication – the youth-orientated Mahala magazine and website.

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