Creative Director Wears Beret to Disciplinary Hearing

Arthur Groenewald, Creative Director at TBW Smith Jones Wallace Broadbent and Ndimande, arrived at his disciplinary this Tuesday hearing wearing a black beret. Questioned by media journalists about his head gear Groenewald stated the item was ‘in line with his life as a conceptual revolutionary.’

Homelessness On the Up and Up in Fast Food Advertising

Industry rumour has it that emerging fast food chain, Smaaklik, is set to launch a new ad campaign that pushes the use of the homeless in fast food advertising to new levels. Capitalising on the success of a Debonairs campaign a few years back, which cunningly leveraged iconic imagery of homeless people to sell pizzas, the Smaaklik campaign will feature happy consumers scoffing hamburgers and chips in a park full of starving homeless people.

Consumer surviving emotion

One of the more interesting aspects of reality TV is the regular emotional schlock fest that occurs three-quarters of the way through whatever series it is you happen to be watching. Contestants are broken down by days on end without access to their electric can openers, fast food and loved ones.

Small Screen ‘Sextravaganza’ set to replace Teleshopping

Commercial TV has announced a new focus for 2011. John Doe reports.

“Our growth has been phenomenal over the past year,” says Brent Doss, Commercial TV MD. “Our hard hitting news, socially focused documentaries and the pick of old US sitcoms and movies have clearly delivered what the public wants, and now we’re looking to build on this growth. Consequently, our programming will be moving heavily towards smut as the year progress.”

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