Creative Director Wears Beret to Disciplinary Hearing

Arthur Groenewald, Creative Director at TBW Smith Jones Wallace Broadbent and Ndimande, arrived at his disciplinary this Tuesday hearing wearing a black beret. Questioned by media journalists about his head gear Groenewald stated the item was ‘in line with his life as a conceptual revolutionary.’

Homelessness On the Up and Up in Fast Food Advertising

Industry rumour has it that emerging fast food chain, Smaaklik, is set to launch a new ad campaign that pushes the use of the homeless in fast food advertising to new levels. Capitalising on the success of a Debonairs campaign a few years back, which cunningly leveraged iconic imagery of homeless people to sell pizzas, the Smaaklik campaign will feature happy consumers scoffing hamburgers and chips in a park full of starving homeless people.

Another Guide to Following People on Twitter

How does one decide who to follow on Twitter? The answer is apparently much more complicated than you would expect. None of that “I don’t like this guy’s face” nonsense. It’s a potentially lengthy process involving multiple steps according to various social media expert types.

‘Social media experts’ and flow charts go together like Google and Verizon or Facebook and privacy-invasion. They just get one another. The web hosts numerous attempts to chart the thought process of you, dear Tweep, in deciding who you will follow.

Sepp Blatter flies Kulula

It was bound to happen. After running an ad in the Sunday Times inviting FIFA president Sepp Blatter free flights anywhere in South Africa a dog took up the offer. And no it wasn’t FIFA’s president. The ad in question formed part budget airline Kulula’s cheeky campaign as the ‘Unofficial National Carrier of the ‘You Know What’ that had previously landed it in hot water with FIFA’s bullying lawyers.

Nando’s poke fun at shameless ministerial gravy train

Nando’s latest television commercial is a send-up of South Africa’s parliament ministers. Their high-flying spending is used to contrast the latest, good-value offer from Nandos – three peri-peri wings and chips for only R19.95.

Chicken Licken Singing Burger

This ad opens on two “slackers” in a car outside a Chicken Licken, they have just bought meals. On opening the burger box one of the guys discovers that his burger is singing  “Love me Tender”. The other guy then exclaims that they are going to be rich and the ad cuts to a montage …

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