Ad of the Week: In the Great Karoo, a flag visible from space

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Since 2010, FCB South Africa has been promoting the idea to ‘Keep Flying’ the flag. The latest news from this initiative is an effort to ‘ground’ the campaign in a legacy project: the Giant Flag in the Great Karoo, with socio-economic and ecological benefits.

Ad of the Week: Down, boy!

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Retailers seldom step outside the box when it comes to advertising. Whether it’s toilet rolls or bread rolls or chicken rolls on ‘special’ in these formulaic ads, unless one’s looking for a bargain, it’s a signal to turn one’s internal attention ‘button’ to mute.

Ad of the Week: Living an entire month using nothing but R1 coins

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Last month was ‘National Savings Month’ – and while it may have passed the attention of some of us who are just too busy earning a living to notice such things Sanlam took full advantage of the occasion by plugging this into its ongoing ‘Wealthsmiths’ campaign.

Ad of the Week: Don’t skip this

The ad is very simple. It’s a close-up shot of a seatbelt buckle, as it is being fastened. The copy that follows is: ‘A few seconds you just can’t skip.’ This is followed briefly by the Ford logo; the five seconds is up, and the YouTube ‘Skip’ button appears.

Ad of the Week: Ever heard of a laptop billboard?

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Even though I work in the industry, sometimes we overlook great campaigns. But fortunately awards shows can bring these lost gems back into sharp focus for me. This campaign, by FoxP2 for Ster-Kinekor, which ran late last year, won second place in the recent Creative Circle’s Ad of the Year in the Out of Home category, giving me another chance to look at it for Ad of the Week.

Ad of the Week: Celebrate the Rainbow Nation with a…

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) It’s not the first time I’ve found a Coca-Cola campaign by FCB Johannesburg that’s stood out as my ‘best of the week’ — after all, it’s a brand that is made or broken by its image and brand identity. This time, it was the Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation experience in Jozi, part of the buildup to the Freedom Day celebrations, marking 20 years of democracy in South Africa, on 27 April 2014.

Ad of the Week: Meet your match — a matter of taste

by Oresti Patricios. This very classy campaign from Johnny Walker caught my eye. It’s a brand that has a lot of traction, and we’ve looked at the “Keep Walking” campaign before, but this felt like a case of getting back to basics and really getting customers to look at the product in a new way.

Ad of the Week: Imagine if banking were fun

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Banking is hardly something I get excited about, let alone consider ‘fun’. The latest campaign from Standard Bank starts out feeling a little like those ‘Maths is Fun’ or ‘Reading is Fun’ books we used to get at primary school. Except it actually works.

Ad of the Week: Pranking the Audience

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Sometimes being a junior creative in an ad agency can be less about being creative and more about being, well, junior — learning the ropes, and doing useful but boring stuff. Like fetching coffee for the Art Director. So it’s really cool when junior ad people can get an opportunity to spread their creative wings. The Cannes Young Lions does this by pitting young creatives (under 28 years of age) against each other with an annual competition that gives contestants just 48 hours to conceive and produce an ad for a mystery topic.

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