#Campaigns: Uncovering money secrets with Nedbank

by MarkLives. We feature insight into the ongoing #NedbankMoneySecrets campaign by Joe Public, Riverbed, The Mediashop, The Odd Number, Liquorice and Romance Films.

#AgencyFocus: HKLM on building a pan-African agency

by Sabrina Forbes. Understanding the intricate cultural elements of each market has been a fundamental reason that HKLM has experienced the success it has in both East and West Africa.

Ad of the Week: Don’t live for money, says Nedbank

by Oresti Patricios. This week, Nedbank — and Joe Public United and PHI of The Star Film Company — must take a bow again for a clever set of ads that work on two levels.

Ad of the Week: Nedbank CIB’s new angle on money

by Oresti Patricios. Nedbank CIB’s ad from Joe Public takes viewers on a journey through a changing landscape of nature, humanity and tech.

Ad of the Week: The horse whisperer

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) This week, still under the overarching theme of “Things that really matter”, we have no choice but to give Nedbank another nod, for “Reins” — a TV ad aimed at the business-banking client. And, once again, the execution of the television commercial is by agency, Joe Public, with production by Velocity Films.

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