An Accountant in Adland: The job of purpose [S2 finale]

by Siwe Lawrence. As you read this column finale and as you navigate your life, lead with a purpose that will inform what shape your career takes and infuse the magic touch that can only be yours.

Cover S’Hot: Magazine covers we love (this week)

The death of Apple founder Steve Jobs definitely made news worldwide, and every weekly publication tried to do something unique and special with their covers, but I found my absolute favourite (below). On the local front, this time of the month is really slow, because most magazines come out around payday. NewsNow, which really tood out for me as did the Visi wrap-around.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire pricing the big differentiator as tablet market hots up

Amazon last week stunned the market with its announcement that the 7” Kindle Fire tablet will sell for $199.99 – well under half the price of the cheapest iPad. And it will release a $79 Kindle e-reader.

Steve Jobs doesn’t like seams it seems

Steve Jobs doesn’t like seams. I know this because the 15-inch MacBook Pro sitting in front of me is largely devoid of the seams common to earlier aluminium MacBook Pros. In fact, the main chassis around which this newest of Apple’s laptops is built is carved out of a solid block of aluminium using a new process that, according to Apple officials, creates lighter, stronger, more environmentally friendly machines.

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