Share runs a regular slot featuring the best local and international magazine covers every week. We recognise well thought out, powerful and interesting (and hopefully all three in one) magazine covers and celebrate the mix of pragmatism, creativity and personal taste that created each of them. By media blogger MediaSlutZA.

The death of Apple founder Steve Jobs definitely made news worldwide, and every weekly publication tried to do something unique and special with their covers, but I found my absolute favourite (below). On the local front, this time of the month is really slow, because most magazines come out around payday. NewsNow, which really stood out for me as did the Visi wrap-around.

Época, 10 October 2011

The cover copy reads ‘Death is very likely the single best invention of life’ – from a famous address given by Steve Jobs. The simplicity is what got me.

New York, 10 October 2011

“#ToBigToSucceed?” is a very strong hashtag which is relevant to most companies that get too big, too quickly. Think BlackBerry and the recent drama…

Schön, Issue 14

Rick Genest, the Canadian artist, has always both fascinated me and freaked me out. Every time I look at this cove I see something new.


NewsNow / NuusNou, 13 October 2011

Graphically manipulated pictures speak a thousand words. More than a thousand in this case.

VISI, 57 “The Hidden Issue”

Even though the image on the wrap-around itself isn’t a personal favourite, and definitely not the plain grey cover underneath, I felt the wrap-around on the new issue of VISI, deserves a mention. The colour and texture of the paper, and dark black spine, creates a beautiful and memorable “50s-style Design Manual/Text Book” look and feel and that they were going for. So 10/10 for that.

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