eMarketing: the essential guide to marketing in a digital world

by Herman Manson (@marklives) If titles told the story, this would be a particularly interesting one. Now in its fifth edition, the emarketing handbook published by Rob Stokes and his team at Quirk has been evolving from 2008’s “eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing” to “eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital world.”

Red, Blue & Yellow — how Quirk Education and Red & Yellow could shake up advertising education

by Herman Manson. Quirk Education and ad school Red & Yellow are merging in a move which could have a significant long-term impact on the skill sets and quality of trainees entering the advertising industry.

EXCLUSIVE: HiringBounty.com disrupts recruitment industry with social power

by Herman Manson (@marklives) I often receive emails from friends with links to job posts and a note that says “this will be perfect for you” (just in case your business goes belly-up or you actually want to afford that new car – though that part goes unsaid). Greg Schneider, a rising star at digital agency Quirk, has launched a start-up that taps into networks of friends to bypass recruitment agents and crowd-source candidates for positions in the marketing and technology industries.

Schneider’s new recruitment platform, Hiringbounty.com, allows businesses to place recruitment positions on the site alongside a bounty. The bounty, should a position be successfully filled, is paid out in thirds – 1/3 to HiringBounty, 1/3 to the person recommending the successful candidate and 1/3 to the person finally appointed.

So if the bounty next to the position says R5000 the cost to client is R5000 x 3. It pays HiringBounty and HiringBounty pays the other two parties. If you applied for the job without a recommendation from friend you are set to pocket the bounty x 2 (as referrer and successful candidate).

BrandsEye declares its independence

Reputation management practitioners are increasingly keeping an eye on the internet and especially social media as consumer conversations, especially ones on what to – and not buy – shifts online.

Idea Bounty eyes UK future

Idea Bounty crowdsources creative ideas. Organisations put out a pitch, thousands of creative minds from around the globe conceptualise possible campaigns, Idea Bounty shifts through the deluge and places the best ideas before their client. Client picks, creative get anything from $1 000 – $10 000 for their concept, which client now owns.

Growing up Quirky

At Quirk the interns appoint their own replacements. It’s part of a culture that thrives on empowering staff, getting the best out of them, to the benefit of clients. These guys aremore than digital, they are the future. By Herman Manson

Finding Cape Town’s Design Voice

Can Cape Town become to Johannesburg what Austin is to Dallas, Barcelona is to Madrid or San Francisco is to LosbAngeles – not as big, not as industrial but certainly more creative, entrepreneurial and tech-centric? Gavin Levinsohn, CEO of Ogilvy Cape Town asks the question, but already it seems rhetorical.

Quirk soon a R100 million revenue company

The team at emarketing agency Quirk is so busy two years after moving into their offices they haven’t had time to finish off interiors properly. So busy in fact they have grown from 60 to 150 people in the past twelve months and will probably just fall short of doubling their R50 million in 2010 revenue over the next financial year.

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