Finding Cape Town’s Design Voice

Can Cape Town become to Johannesburg what Austin is to Dallas, Barcelona is to Madrid or San Francisco is to LosbAngeles – not as big, not as industrial but certainly more creative, entrepreneurial and tech-centric? Gavin Levinsohn, CEO of Ogilvy Cape Town asks the question, but already it seems rhetorical.

A case for creative technology and technological creativity

Team Derrick, Myles Hoppe, Mark Stead and Livio Tronchin, asks how innovation, technology,
creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit can come together to build a creative economy for Cape Town that is more than skin deep.

Building the proposition of Creative Cape Town is imperative to the city’s survival in business. The city is still fundamentally a fishing village/holiday destination and does lack the hard-working business, although the hard-working mentality certainly exists. In fact, from many people we know, we’ve heard that they work far harder and longer hours here than in Jo’burg.

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