Media Future: Three categories dominate SA apps market

by Arthur Goldstuck (@art2gee) There is no better indication of what consumers are doing on their smartphones than the apps they most commonly download — and social media, games and fitness dominate the app stores of three of the major smartphone platforms in South Africa.

Smart Africa TV: Alt Tab Mobile & running a global apps creation company from Joburg

by Russell Southwood (@BalancingActAfr) In this video interview, we talk to Yossi Mlynsky, founder of Alt Tab Mobile, about: how the company helps start-ups to do apps; the global spread of both its clients and its developers; examples of what its start-up clients do; and how it contributes to the process.

WeChat South Africa wants your brand

by Herman Manson (@marklives) WeChat, a social media and messaging app backed locally by media giant Naspers, entered the South African market in 2013. WeChat South Africa MD Brett Loubser says the local business spent its first year focused on brand building and gaining traction with new users.

Magazine mindset undermines tablet opportunity

The rush by media owners to embrace tablets borders on the unseemly. And who can blame them given the continued decline of print revenue and resistance by folk to pay for content on the internet. Tablets, we are told, are much closer to print magazines than to the free-for-all interwebs.

South Africans embracing mobile apps

The latest download statistics from the Vodacom App Store reveal much about The South African mobile market and its users, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK.

Growing up Quirky

At Quirk the interns appoint their own replacements. It’s part of a culture that thrives on empowering staff, getting the best out of them, to the benefit of clients. These guys aremore than digital, they are the future. By Herman Manson

Nokia re-invented in South Africa

Nokia have embarked on the road to restoring the brand’s image in South Africa. Gerard Brandjes, Nokia General Manager for East and Southern Africa, discusses the challenges with ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK.

The next Windows shows future looks a lot like the tablet computer and smartphone

Windows 8 was unveiled – at least in preview form – for the developer community last week. What does it mean for users and for Microsoft? ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK explores its significance.

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