Q5: Kirsty Dugmore on evidence-based marketing [interview]

by Carey Finn. The chief growth officer at SugaSpice unpacks this concept for us, adding behavioural economics and neuromarketing to the mix.

SA’s young millennials: invincible, bright-eyed, money-saving big-earners

by David Smythe. Based upon what they tell us about themselves, their career goals and aspirations, South Africa’s younger millennials won’t be anything like older millennials.

South Africa’s youth more ‘culture creator’ than millennial

by David Smythe. South Africa’s marketers, strategists and advertisers should rather embrace a definition and understanding which is more accurate and more in step with what young adults are doing, thinking and feeling.

The Sell: Shopper data — a ‘blockbuster’ debate between Minority Report and Zero Dark Thirty

by Mimi Nicklin (@miminicklin) I don’t know about you but I find it very irritating every time I read a newspaper article or report that quotes the Tom Cruise film, Minority Report, as a reference to how ‘psychic’ we are becoming when it comes to shopper data analysis.

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