Brands & Branding: Transformations & emergence of brand ecosystems

by Dr Carla Enslin. The transformations identified here present fundamental outcomes and key performance variables towards the useful development of a customised brand-business metric.

Brands & Branding: Brand-building — key lessons & insights from Nashua

by Dr Doug Mattheus. Building a company starts by offering a solution to the needs of others. Building a brand is more complex, with many different approaches to success.

Clicks ’n Tricks: Performance doesn’t pay off for Adidas

by Charlie Stewart. Simon Peel, Adidas global media director, made a startling but refreshing confession during a talk at the EffWeek conference mid-October 2019.

Brands & Branding: The infinite loop of purposeful & agile brand-building

by Dr Carla Enslin. Consider the infinity loop, in all its seductive and sinuous elegance. But it can also be quite useful as a physical demonstration and metaphor when applied to strategic brand-building.

Adnalysis: Running a business is a marathon — so, too, is brand-building

by Bogosi Motshegwa. Working within organisations that are trying to run their business and build their brands has given me insight into the parallels between this and marathon-running.

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