An Accountant in Adland: Back to the future [S2 E4]

by Siwe Lawrence. We strategists don’t think about it this way but trend reports are horoscopes but for industries. Humour aside, what does the future of my two disciplines look like?

Clicks ’n Tricks: Domino’s forced to open eyes to blind customers

by Charlie Stewart. A US appeals court ruled recently that Domino’s Pizza needed to make its website and app accessible to blind people.

The CX-Files: Eat your own lunch — be brave & expand into the unknown

by Julia Ahlfeldt. Why are there still brands that break the cardinal rule and build their businesses around their needs — and not their customers?

The Power Report: When it’s just too much effort

by Megan Power. You’d expect that making life easier would be top of mind for every interaction and touchpoint on the customer journey.

Market Research Wrap: Ignoring risk, advertisers embrace online video

Cheryl Hunter’s weekly wrap of the latest market and consumer research: mobile video drives US$30bn in online ads; SA retailers buck global trends; and consumers connect, companies don’t.

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