The CX-Files: Eat your own lunch — be brave & expand into the unknown

by Julia Ahlfeldt. Why are there still brands that break the cardinal rule and build their businesses around their needs — and not their customers?

The death of the music store

If you look carefully, you can already see the beginning of the end of the music store as we know them in South Africa, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK in the first of a series on the future of music.

The rise of eBooks and the myth of affordability

Major drum roll from the guys at for their announcement that “ customers now purchase more Kindle books (eBooks) than hardcover books.” The group went on to claim that for every 100 hardcover books sold, it has sold 143 Kindle books.

The statistics given out by the giant online retailer don’t look quite so amazing when put in proper context. In fact, quite a different story emerges that indicates the traditional publishing business is unprepared to embrace the new dynamics eBooks bring to the market.

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