MTN birthday no celebration

MTN has been told off by the Advertising Standards Committee following complaints lodged against a major promotion and competition celebrating its 15th birthday. Hopefully the ruling will serve to deter unscrupulous cellular providers from taking consumers for a ride with ludicrously priced competitions. MTN, instead of celebrating 15 years in existence, just underscored how far it is removed from consumers, and how little they offer us to celebrate.

Open source Chrome vs. No advertising IE 8

Microsoft has already won the desktop battle, but a new war is looming and in a connected world the ultimate end point is the browser, the most intimate interface that people use to surf the web. Whoever wins this round of what is popularly referred to as the browser wars wins the most valuable real estate of the connected economy.

“Do no evil” Google fails own mantra

Google’s famous company mantra “Do No Evil” is being called into question in a complaint filed at the Competition Commission by a South African digital marketing agency called Entelligence.

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